Trademark Information

Following is a list of trademarks that may appear on any Nielsen website.

Nielsen Audio Trademarks

Mark Type
Arbitron iBoard™ TM
Arbitron Internet Board™ TM
Arbitron® Logo ®
ArbitrendsSM SM
Arbitron® ®
Arbitron Data ExpressSM (ADE) SM
Arbitron eBookSM SM
Arbitron Mobile™ TM
Arbitron Mobile Index™ TM
Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels™ TM
Arbitron On Demand™ TM
Arbitron PPM® ®
Custom CoverageSM SM
Corporate Roll-UpSM SM
Get-a-GRiP® ®
LocalMotion® ®
Management Reporter™ TM
Maximi$er® ®
Maximi$er® Plus ®
MaxQualitativeSM SM
Media Professional® Logo ®
Media ProfessionalSM SM
Media Professional PlusSM SM
MusicTesterSM SM
Next Generation Electronic RatingsSM SM
PD Advantage® ®
PD Advantage® Web ®
Portable People Meter™ TM
PPM® ®
PPM Analysis ToolSM SM
PPM 360™ TM
PPM WeekliesSM SM
PrintPlus® ®
QualiZip® ®
RADAR® Logo ®
Radio County Coverage™ TM
Report DesignerSM SM
Represent™ TM
Represent. Be Heard. Be Rewarded.™ TM
Represent your community™ TM
RetailDirect® ®
Retail Profiling SystemSM SM
Schedule-ItSM  SM
SmartPlus® ®
SmartReportsSM SM
SmartPlus Web™ TM
SuperPanelSM SM
TapMedia® ®
TrafficLink® ®
You Can’t Spell Radio Without R.O.I.SM SM
You Count in the Ratings™ TM

*In the U.S., the mark "Arbitron," when referring to the company, gets no trademark designation.

Third-Party Trademarks, Used Under License

Mark Type Attribution Phrase
DMA® – Designated Market Area ® DMA® is a registered trademark of The Nielsen Company (US), LLC.
FLIGHTPLAN™  TM FLIGHTPLAN™ is a trademark of TAPSCAN Inc., used under license. 
REACHMASTER™  TM REACHMASTER™ is a mark used under license. 
TAPSCAN™ Suite of software  TM TAPSCAN™ is a mark used under license. 
TAPSCAN™  TM TAPSCAN™ is a mark used under license.
TVSCAN®  ® TVSCAN® is a mark used under license.

Rules for Use

1. An Arbitron mark should appear in some distinctive type (such as italics, boldface type, capital letters, underlines, quotation marks).

2. The trademark, service mark and registration symbol (as noted) should always be presented adjacent to the mark (e.g., Maximi$er®), at least once on everything, device or paper, identified by the mark, preferably at the first and/or most prominent use of the mark. All uses of the mark should make it clear that the term is a mark. (See #1 above). In lengthy works, repeat use of the attribution symbol periodically (e.g., once every section, page or chapter).

3. All promotional/advertising materials using the mark should include some sort of notation (e.g., an asterisk or a footnote) that the mark is a registered mark of Arbitron Inc. For example, "Maximi$er® is a registered mark of Arbitron Inc."

The following are proper attribution phrases to use in the footnote:

® [mark]® is a registered mark of Arbitron Inc.
SM [mark]SM is a mark of Arbitron Inc.
TM [mark]™ is a mark of Arbitron Inc.

In the event that you are providing attribution for more than one Arbitron mark, list the marks in alphabetical order. If the types of marks differ when citing multiple marks, use the generic phrase "[mark]SM, [mark]™ and [mark]® are marks of Arbitron Inc."

4. Never vary the spelling of, alter the appearance of, abbreviate, combine, hyphenate, translate, or use a plural or possessive form of an Arbitron mark. For example, do NOT use “Arbitron’s eBook.”

5. The mark should always be treated as an adjective followed by a generic noun and should not be used as a noun or a verb. For example, a proper use is “Maximi$er® software.”

Last updated: 11.20.2013