The data Arbitron collects on radio listening serve as the currency for buying and selling radio advertising. Radio stations and radio groups use Arbitron’s local and regional radio ratings services to demonstrate the value of their audience to advertisers. Advertising agencies and marketers use Arbitron’s radio ratings services to plan more effective radio buys and target consumers more precisely.

Arbitron works with dozens of software providers that incorporate Arbitron ratings data into their software systems. Arbitron enables our software providers to access the Summary Data Set (SDS) and Respondent-Level Data (RLD). The Summary Data Set is currently available for both Diary and PPM® markets.

Consistent with our corporate objectives, Arbitron is a completely customer-focused organization. We are committed to working closely with our trusted software providers to deliver the service and support needed to run your business.

To learn more about how you can become one of Arbitron’s trusted software providers, please contact Amanda Howell at 410-312-8379 or amanda.howell@arbitron.com.

Arbitronís Summary Data Set (SDS) Program

Arbitron offers to software providers a condensed version of radio listening data called the Summary Data Set (SDS). The SDS is an integral part of a host of different media software applications and can be delivered electronically via Tapmedia®, and by CD Shipments. The SDS offers both Average Quarter-Hour (AQH) estimates and Cume Listening estimates for a limited number of predefined demos and dayparts. The SDS is available for all of Arbitron’s syndicated and condensed markets, including both PPM- and Diary-based markets. Arbitron also offers SDS for the following data services:

To learn more about the Summary Data Set, please contact Amanda Howell at (410) 312-8379 or amanda.howell@arbitron.com.

Arbitronís Respondent-Level Data (RLD) Program

Arbitron offers greater flexibility in the listening data we make available to software providers. We are providing Respondent-Level Data (RLD) access, which gives our software providers the ability to produce audience estimates based on an almost unlimited array of demographic, geographic and time period selections. This enables access to everything that is in the Summary Data Set (SDS) plus:

Consistency in reported estimates is critical to customers of audience estimates. The approach that will be used for providing RLD access will be to create a tally engine that performs all calculations. The tally engine will have an application programming interface (API) that is designed to communicate with the tally engine and set parameters for a particular data request.

For more information about Arbitron’s RLD program for third-party processors, please contact Neal Bonner at (410) 312-8594 or neal.bonner@arbitron.com

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