Arbitron Data ExpressSM


Arbitron Data Express (ADE) is the solution to secure delivery of radio market and survey data to our clients via the Internet. ADE allows clients to transfer survey data from Nielsen server directly to the client's computer. Clients must register and have a valid user ID and password in order to use ADE.

This service is exclusively for use by current Nielsen clients. If you are not a Nielsen client but would like to become one, please call our office nearest you.

Please read the System Requirements prior to installing ADE. If you need a user ID and password, please register. If you've already registered and have your user ID and password, you can proceed with downloading ADE. Arbitron Data Express software is also located on the Maximi$er®, Media ProfessionalSM and MaxQualitativeSM CD-ROMs.

Please check the delivery schedule for your updated ADE delivery day/time.

Technical Note: If you are connecting to the Internet through a firewall, the port settings for FTP access must be configured to: Port 20 Incoming, Port 21 Outgoing. Your Internet administrator can help verify these settings.

System Requirements



Frequently Asked Questions

What is FTP protocol error 530? This is related to an incorrect username and or password. First, retype the information making sure you are using lowercase letters in both boxes. If you continue to get the error, contact Customer Service at (800) 543-7300 for further assistance.

Why can't I connect? I'm in ADE/Arbitrends and software appears to be in a “hanging” mode. This is typically related to a firewall of some sort. Insure that port 21 out and 20 in are both open to passive FTP traffic. If they are, call Customer Sercice at (800) 543-7300 for further assistance.

Why do I keep getting an AOL® phonebook error when attempting to connect? This is related to a preinstall of AOL on your computer. If you are not an AOL user, remove the product from your machine. If you do use AOL, contact Customer Service at (800) 543-7300 for further assistance.

What is error 501? This is either an incorrect username/password combination or related to a firewall. Retype the username and password and try it again. If the problem persists insure that port 21 out and 20 in are available on your firewall. If the problem persists, contact Customer Service for assistance at (800) 543-7300.


If you have any questions about Arbitron Data Express, please call Nielsen Audio Client Support at (800) 543-7300.

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